is the process of correcting and, if necessary, removing email addresses that are likely to cause bounce backs or other errors when you send messages from your Email System.

Since you usually obtain email addresses through web forms that website visitors submit (for example, a registration form or an order form), there can sometimes be errors in the email addresses that your visitors enter or the email addresses may be invalid.

The List Hygiene Tool is a standalone utility that enables you to improve the quality of subscriber records before importing them into mailing lists. This web application contains customizable rules that can correct and, if necessary, suppress records that are incomplete, incorrectly formatted, or likely to cause errors.


  • Key Features:
  • Increase your list size by auto-correcting common email typos
  • Remove duplicates and invalid email addresses
  • Pull lists from your computer or from an FTP server
  • Schedule your jobs to run daily, weekly or monthly
  • Filter out records you don’t want